Our family


The history of our complex goes back 30 years, when the Karcagi family decided to dedicate itself to tourism for good. The town leaders asked the head of the family, Sándor Karcagi to build a tourism complex and attraction based on the 52°C thermal water that springs from a depth of 1040 meters. 

Session Hotel Ráckeve - Családról

On the spectacular 5-hectare site by the Danube, first the outdoor pools, and then the covered spa were built by the family, and in 2022 the 25-room, four-star hotel with a family atmosphere was also opened for guests.

We are proud that we continue to operate as a family enterprise, with all the advantages and personal touches this entails. The family runs the hotel with the same care and attention as one uses to build and decorate their own home.

The individual establishments are now run by the second generation, three siblings. The establishment in Szigetszentmiklós is run by the oldest son, Csaba Karcagi, the spa and campsite in Ráckeve by the  youngest son, Sándor Karcagi Jr., and the hotel and convention centre by the middle daughter, Etelka Karcagi.