Lakeside grill terrace


There is nothing more pleasant than to sit out on the terrace on mild summer evenings for a few glasses of wine or a delicious grilled dinner in the open air.

Our lakeside grill terrace is right outside the restaurant, and can provide a spectacular venue for weddings, family or company events, or grill parties. 

The breathtaking view and ambiance are guaranteed to make the occasion memorable: atmospheric string lights and furniture and the customary high standard ensure this.

In good weather you can enjoy your dinner on the grill terrace, or even on the jetty; on holidays and certain weekends the pig roasting that is the highlight of the dinner is also held here.

Session Hotel Ráckeve - Tóparti grillterasz

Our guests can choose from several menus created from fresh local ingredients using modern technology, with either plate- or buffet service.


Everything is set here for holding your dream event.